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This is the page for strategies for clearing Fast Upgrades.


  • 1 Strategy 1
    • 1.1 Prerequisites
    • 1.2 The strategy
    • 1.3 Strategy 1 gallery
  • 2 Strategy 2
    • 2.1 The strategy
  • 3 Strategy 3
    • 3.1 Created by NitramJay
  • 4 Strategy 4
    • 4.1 By: User:AnAppleCalledGrapple
    • 4.2 Tested on: Ver 41.2.7631
    • 4.3 Needed:
    • 4.4 Strat:
    • 4.5 Round 1
      • 4.5.1 Wizard monkey No. 01: 0-0-0
      • 4.5.2 Round 2
        • Wizard monkey No. 01: 0-1-1
      • 4.5.3 Round 3
        • Wizard monkey No. 01: 0-2-2
        • Wizard monkey No . 02: 0-2:3
      • 4.5.4 Round 4-5
        • Wizard monkey No. 01: 0-4-2
        • Wizard monkey No. 02: 0-2-5
        • Super monkey: 0-2-2
      • 4.5.5 Round 6
        • Wizard monkey No. 01: 0-5-2
        • Wizard monkey No. 02: 0-2-5
        • Super monkey: 0-4-2

Strategy 1[]

Created by: User:Iamarepeater

Tested on version 40.0.

This strategy is somewhat basic but can get the job done. You need to use the abilities fast though, especially if you want to do this without a single bloon leaking.


  • Monkey Knowledge required: Yes
    • Monkey Knowledge used: All 155 MK were used
  • Level performed: 155+
  • Auto-start: Off

The strategy[]

You need the following:

  • 1 Boomerang Monkey
  • 1 Glue Gunner
  • 1 Sniper Monkey
  • 1 Monkey Village

Now follow these steps exactly.

  1. On the top of the steps above the bloon path, place down your Boomerang Monkey. He'll be our main attacking tower. Upgrade him to a 0/2/1 (That means Faster Rangs and Long Range Rangs).
  2. Place our free Glue Monkey as to the bloons as possible within the right gap beside our Boomerang's post. He will be what allow us to destroy those DDTs.
  3. Go through Round 1.
  4. At the end of Round 1, our Boomerang Monkey should now have Bionic Boomerang while our Glue Monkey should now have Bigger Globs. We can't do anything else with our current money so let's just start round 2.
  5. At the end of Round 2, our Boomerang Monkey should now have Turbo Charge while our Glue Monkey should now have Glue Splatter. Make sure you buy our Boomerang Red Hot Rangs.
  6. Now start Round 3. As soon as the cooldown of our Boomerang Monkey is up, quickly activate his ability. Now while the round is still ongoing, place down a Sniper Monkey at the top of the bottom set of steps and buy him Fast Firing.
  7. At the end of Round 3, our Boomerang Monkey should now have Perma Charge, our Glue Monkey should now have Glue Hose, and our Sniper Monkey should now have Even Faster Firing.
  8. Start Round 4. During the round, place down a Monkey Village such that both our Boomerang Monkey and Glue Monkey are in its range. Our towers should be able to defend against the ceramic bloons so upgrade your Monkey Village to Primary Mentoring when you get the money.
  9. At the end of Round 4, you should still have your Perma Charge, the Glue Gunner should have at least a Glue Strike, the Sniper Monkey should now have Semi-Automatic, and the Monkey Village should now have Primary Expertise. Upgrade the Glue Monkey to have Corrosive Glue. Just in time for Round 5 though if you want, you may choose to also give the Sniper Monkey Full Auto Rifle.
  10. Start Round 5. You do not need to do anything. At the end of Round 5, if you did purchase Full Auto Rifle earlier, then the Sniper Monkey would now be a Elite Defender. If not, he would be at Full Auto Rifle. The Glue Gunner should now be a Glue Storm. For my case, I gave the Sniper Monkey Shrapnel Shot but you could also give him Large Calibre.
  11. Remember to upgrade Monkey Village so it has Radar Scanner or the Boomerang Monkey will not be able to see the DDTs.
  12. Start Round 6. When the DDTs arrive, quickly use the Glue Storm ability. When the BAD shows up, buy the Elite Defender (if you haven't already) and use all the abilities to take it down.

Strategy 1 gallery[]

While I forgot to take before I started the round, you should have a 0/3/1 Boomerang Monkey and a 0/1/0 Glue Gunner

Before starting Round 3, make sure your map looks similar to this (that means a 0/4/2 Boomerang and a 0/2/0 Glue Gunner)

Your Boomerang should now be a 0/5/2, your Glue Gunner should be a 0/3/0 and your Sniper Monkey be a 0/0/3

The Monkey Village should at least be a 5/0/0. I went 5/2/0 since DDTs are an issue

Everyone should be either fully upgraded or just one upgrade away from being maxed out

And just like that, you done that if you spammed abilities

Strategy 2[]

Created by: User:Hubianzhen

Tested on version 40.0.

  • No Monkey Knowledge needed

The strategy[]

You need the following:

  • 1 Wizard Monkey
  • 1 Spike Factory


  1. Get Wizard Monkey on top platform.
  2. Upgrade it to 0-1-0 during round 1, when you get enough cash from popping Reds.
  3. During round 3, get Spike Factory when you can afford it.
  4. During round 4, upgrade Wizard to 0-4-2 for more popping power, then upgrade Spike Factory to 2-3-0.
  5. No abilities needed for round 5.
  6. Spike Storm when you see DDTs on round 6. Use both abilities to beat the BAD.

Strategy 3[]

Created by NitramJay[]

Tested on version 40.0

• No monkey knowledge needed, I don’t think

The Strat:

You need the following:

• 4 Beast Tamers

• 1 Monkey Village


  1. Place the first beast tamer where he can see the placeable area near the center west of the path, Upgrade 0-1-0 and place the dino as close to the edge as possible, so he can hit two balloons at once. It should look like he’s biting through the wall, basically.
  2. On Round 2, get another tamer right next to the first and upgrade him to 0-1-0 as soon as it’s available(should be mid-round) Immediately MERGE him with the first.
  3. On Round 3, you’ll get JUST enough money to get 2 more beast tamers (be quick) place them next to the first two in such a manner that they can all be supported by the village(not placed yet). Upgrade the new tamers to 0-2-0. Immediately MERGE them with the first tamer.
  4. On round 4, You’re gonna make bank, so START by upgrading all of the tamers to 0-4-0. When you have enough, go ahead and buy the village, place it in range of each beast tamer ESPECIALLY the first one. Upgrade to 0-2-0.
  5. At the start of Round 5, you should now have a GIGANTOSAURUS who can see CAMO. That alone is basically enough, but you will get plenty of money so you can add DPS by making the village 2-3-0.
  6. If necessary, use STOMP ability when DDTs are circling in center, and use Call to Arms ability when BAD is nearby.

I’m just editing this on my phone rq so someone whose proficient at this should edit it to make it look professional but please credit NitramJay for the strat’s original postage even if I wasn’t the first person to use the strat. I just want to contribute to the wiki in a productive way!

Strategy 4[]

By: User:AnAppleCalledGrapple[]

Tested on: Ver 41.2.7631[]

• No monkey knowledge at all


2 Wizard Monkeys (Mid path and bottom path full unlock)

1 Super Monkey (Mid path til 4th upg)


Round 1[]

Place wizard monkey No. 01 on the platform on top of the Bloons and let it clear the entire round

Wizard monkey No. 01: 0-0-0[]

Round 2[]

Upgrade bottom path of your Wizard monkey and that should be it. Let the Bloons get past as they don't do that much hearts.

Wizard monkey No. 01: 0-1-1[]

Round 3[]

Your middle path should upgrade giving you fire wall. It's gonna carry you through the lead balloons easily. Buy the bottom path and you should get enough money for another Wizard monkey after that. Place the wizard monkey on the open spaces close to the exit. Upgrade it 2x on bottom path and 1x on middle path and if you have enough money, upgrade to 0-0-3.

Wizard monkey No. 01: 0-2-2[]
Wizard monkey No . 02: 0-2:3[]

Round 4-5[]

Place a super monkey in the other platform and upgrade it to 0-2-0. Your wizard monkey No. 02 should be prince of darkness by that time and your other wizard monkey should be 0-4-2 if I'm correct, if you have enough money you could buy super monkey's bottom path. Make sure to get middle path

Wizard monkey No. 01: 0-4-2[]
Wizard monkey No. 02: 0-2-5[]
Super monkey: 0-2-2[]

Round 6[]

You may or may not have enough money to upgrade middle path of your super monkey, just spam phoenix ability after that. Important: immediately upgrade once B.A.D is down coz u will die if u don't they'll get past👌

Wizard monkey No. 01: 0-5-2[]
Wizard monkey No. 02: 0-2-5[]
Super monkey: 0-4-2[]

Hooray! You defeated the challenge! Or not.. I don't know🗿

Fast Upgrades (BTD6)/Strategies (2024)
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