The internet is going crazy for a four-ingredient bliss ball recipe (2024)

  • A chocolate-loving home cook has shared a recipe for Caramilk bliss balls
  • The tasty treat is made with Cadbury's Caramilk, condensed milk and biscuits
  • The best part is she used her trusty slow cooker to make the flavoursome mix
  • Social media has gone into meltdown with thousands saying they are keen to try

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A four-ingredient recipe for bliss balls made using $3 block of Caramilk chocolate is making waves throughout the Facebook 'foodie' community in Australia.

More than 20,000 people have commented on the post by a home cook who recently shared a photo of her delectable treats alongside the recipe.

The tasty bliss balls were made using the Cadbury Caramilk, a can of condensed milk, crushed biscuits and coconut.

'I know you can just melt the chocolate in the microwave but I prefer to do mine in my slow cooker,' she captioned the post.

Social media has gone into overdrive over a bliss balls recipe made using a block of Cadbury's Caramilk

The woman revealed how she used a slow cooker to melt the chocolate

'That way I don’t have to worry about it burning while I am crushing biscuits.'

She also offered an exact breakdown of the ingredients she used including the correct quantities:

One block of Caramilk choc (190g), one tin of condensed milk (395g), one packet of plain biscuits (250g) and 80g coconut (and extra to roll balls in).

If using the slow cooker method, make sure the appliance is set to high and is used with the lid off.


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Essential bliss ball ingreidnets:Cadbury's Caramilk (pictured left) available at Woolworths for $3 and condensed milk, $2.50, also from Woolworths (pictured right)

The chocolate should be added to the slow cooker first to melt, however, you will need to make sure it is broken up into small pieces.

Meanwhile, crush biscuits into fine crumbs by placing inside a Ziplock bag and using a rolling pin.

'Once the chocolate is all melted turn off slow cooker and add everything else in. Mix together well and roll into balls, and then roll into the extra coconut,' she said.

'Store in the fridge or freezer... These are amaze-balls!'

How do you make Caramilk bliss balls?


1 block of caramilk choc (190g)

1 tin of condensed milk (395g)

1 packet of plain biscuits (250g)

80g coconut ( + extra to roll balls in)


Turn slow cooker to high and add broken up squares of chocolate (make sure the lid is off).

Next, crush biscuits into fine crumbs by placing inside a Ziplock bag and using a rolling pin.

When the chocolate has melted turn off slow cooker and add everything else. Mix well and roll into balls, and then roll into the extra coconut.

Store in the fridge or freezer.

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Those who've tried the recipe and shared photos to the thread have said the treats are 'seriously dangerous'

The easy recipe for the tasty treats has sent social media into overdrive, with the woman's post garnering more than 3,600 reactions and 21,000 comments.

'Yes it is confirmed, these little babies are seriously dangerous. Perfect little treat, dare I say for the school/work lunch box,' said one person.

Give them a try, you won't be disappointed.

While another added: 'I've made these many times but with Tim Tams. Definitely going to try them with Caramilk.'

A third chimed in saying they were headed to the shops immediately to buy the chocolate as the decadent goodies sounded 'really naughty'.


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The internet is going crazy for a four-ingredient bliss ball recipe (2024)
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